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In a world where uncertainty, chaos and challenge is present- it is important to have a safe space to unwind, heal and reach higher states of being to find your center.

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Hear What People Have Experienced in Working With Solara OnRay

“Solara helped me untangle a variety of things in my life with her deep and insightful work. I had an out of control sugar habit, IBS and other digestive imbalances as well as a ex-girlfriend that was causing havoc in my life. Through her work my IBS is gone, relationship issues resolved and now in a healthy partnership and my dietary craving are normal. The work is deep and gets to the root of your real issues. I highly recommend her.”


Electrical Engineer

“My work with Solara has been deeply visionary, profoundly healing and spiritually very meaningful. It has opened the door to the medicine of the heart and allowed a sanctuary for renewal.

The retrieval of lost soul parts has been priceless, mending heart wounds like nothing I’ve experienced in years of therapy. I can’t thank her enough for the compassion and dedication she brought to this journey of renewed purpose and vision. I would not hesitate to refer anyone seeking to heal or find their path, you have a special light to show the way.”

Steve Patapoff

Filmmaker/ Writer/ Painter

Working with Solara has radically transformed my life and I would not have been able to realize my potential in such a short time without her. Much of our work together focused on healing my heart by uplifting and integrating the parts of myself who were hurt, wounded and diminished to make them whole. Our process was co-creative and always began in the body, tracking pain or blocks that illuminated what parts were priority and re-patterning the emotional codes, mental beliefs or ancestral lines that caused separation. My experience before and after each session were drastic and profound. Inner shifts always blossomed into outer transformation benefiting my relationships and work and restoring a feeling of confidence, freedom and peace inside myself. Solara is a miracle and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

Nancy Zamerowski

CEO Yellow Seed

“Solara’s work goes more quickly to the root or core of what you need to heal. I feel younger, more energetic and joyful and it Is easier to be more out-going. It is possible to really heal and experience more joy and lightness.”

Nancy Carroll

Finance Executive

“I am literally crying tears of relief, realization and gratitude for how much you have helped me overcome trauma. Thank you beyond words!

Before my sessions with Solara I was having a hard time dealing with a series of traumatizing events. I was getting regular violent flashbacks that would leave me feeling immobilized and drained.  I was feeling blocked from moving forward because the negative flashbacks and PTSD were too overwhelming.

Solara guided me to release a lot of energetic and emotional baggage and empowered me to liberate myself with the help of my angels & guides. I feel like my true self again and am gaining strength, motivation & inspiration every day. I feel lighter with enhanced clarity and excited to have my power back again!

I also have struggled with insomnia since my early childhood.  My parents were insomniacs and I easily accepted it as a life sentence.  Since my sessions with Solara I have been able to surrender into night after night of consecutive deep sleep.  The best part is that now, months later after our sessions, I am still sleeping deeply every night and no longer fear having a hard time sleeping.” 

Ahmelie Leo

Artist/ Healer

“I have worked with Solara for the last 9 months. From our very first session, I could see that our work together would be profound. I have seen many shifts within myself, including financial- while navigating a highly transitional time, and have been thankful to also have unexpectedly experienced an up-shift in my psychic development. Sometimes the work is challenging but vital for the freedom I seek in my life, and also very empowering. I feel a sense of safety when we work together and am grateful to Solara for being a loving and powerful space-holder and for the integrity she wields with her gifts.”

Nia Andrews

Musician & Music Director

I am someone who loves to get the root of the issue, and to receive the blessings of my destiny, and to let go of past hurts, previous contracts, and basically anything from any life that is holding me back from total joy, peace, abundance on all levels, and if you are someone who wants this for their own life, work with Solara! She holds such a space of love, allowing, understanding, compassion, strength, and talent. Her guidance is loving, gentle, and easily understood. As a fellow healer, I understand both sides of the process, and she is one of a few people that I trust with my extremely sensitive energy. And that is saying something! You would be doing yourself and the world a huge favor by accepting your joy, and working with Solara in any way possible.””

Lizzy B


Solara is one of the most gifted intuitive healers I have ever worked with. Her background in psychology, and countless forms spiritual discipline, enable her to provide comprehensive care that addresses my whole being, helping me heal deep seated issues at their root.

As healer and spiritual guidance counselor myself, it’s not always easy to find someone to support me in the way I support my clients, but Solara always provides excellent care. Her empathy, psychic perception, and insight are at times mind boggling and hard to understand, but the end result of the work we do is always deeply transformative, often in completely unexpected ways that reveal core issue I was unconscious I needed to address prior to receiving her coaching.

I highly recommend working with her to break through long standing patterns that need transformation, develop self care, and higher spiritual awareness. She’s a rare find in the world of holistic healing.


Spiritual Mentor/ CEO Ecstatic Dance LA

Solara is an intensely powerful healer who has the ability to work with you in a very deep and profound way. I’m so grateful to her for helping me uncover and resolve longstanding chronic pain issues and I love how intuitive and relatable she is in her guidance as someone who has so much experience in these arenas. Would definitely recommend her if you are looking to progress to the next level.

Lauren Avriel

Film Maker/ CEO Vibe Artistry Entertainment

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