About Solara OnRay

Cosmic Ascension Network Founder
high Light Transformation

Who is Your Guide Solara OnRay?

Solara OnRay is a multi- dimensional healer, channel, medical intuitive who has been serving clients with unique transcendent breakthroughs for over 20 years in Group Ceremonies, at Consciousness and Goddess Festivals, on her you tube channel, and in private sessions.

Solara has a Masters in Psychology, multi lineages of energy mastery healing and a long time practitioner of Indigenous practices brings a shamanic focus to her high light work.  She has been featured on podcasts, radio shows and articles and taught workshops and lead retreats across the country.

Solara had several near death experiences allowing a vast awareness of the subtle universe allowing her to be a bridge between realms, dimensions and an emissary for the star and angelic nations. Her main missions  is to help humanity receive healing and guidance from the unseen masters in the stars, angelic as well as other ascended ones and to raise the conciousness of the collective.


Working With Solara

Nancy Carroll- Finance Executive

“Solara’s work goes more quickly to the root or core of what you need to heal. I feel younger, more energetic and joyful and it Is easier to be more out-going. It is possible to really heal and experience more joy and lightness.”

Nia Andrews- Musician

“I have worked with Solara for the last 9 months. From our very first session, I could see that our work together would be profound. I have seen many shifts within myself, including financial- while navigating a highly transitional time, and have been thankful to also have unexpectedly experienced an up-shift in my psychic development. Sometimes the work is challenging but vital for the freedom I seek in my life, and also very empowering. I feel a sense of safety when we work together and am grateful to Solara for being a loving and powerful space-holder and for the integrity she wields with her gifts.”

Lauren Avriel- CEO Vibe Artistry Entertainment

“Solara is an intensely powerful healer who has the ability to work with you in a very deep and profound way. I’m so grateful to her for helping me uncover and resolve longstanding chronic pain issues and I love how intuitive and relatable she is in her guidance as someone who has so much experience in these arenas. Would definitely recommend her if you are looking to progress to the next level.”


Cosmic Ascension Nework


Our Promise To You

After 20 Years of professinal mediumship and many uplifted clients, I understand what works and what doesn’t.  Here at the Cosmic Ascension Network we offer safe high level care and transformation.

Safe Space

Whither you are listening to a recording, live workshop or in a private session- Solara makes sure the integrity of the content and vibration is in a good way.  Safe space is maintained in the community platform and chat areas as well.

Seasoned Practioner

If you are guided to receive private work from Solara she has had 1000’s of client transformations and  has the experience to handle all aspects of your care. You can leap frog with expect 1-1 care with Solara.


Clean Energy

Cosmic Ascension Network only works with the highest, most benevolent guides.  With solara as a seasoned channel you can relax and receive in a pristine container that is secure and held by the highest guides.

Global Community

One of the goals of this platfornetwork is to create a gloabl galctic united nations so that the human star and angelic beings can come together and find one another and start to create these larger weaves of light and acensiontogether.

Private Sessions Inlcuded in Trancedence & Ascension Subsciption

Techniques I Used For Effective High Level Healing

* Clear Channel of the Divine

*Shamanic extraction

*Akashic readings

*Soul Level Destiny Nodes

*Deepth connection with higher self and bringing more of your 

*Soul’s mastery here on this timeline

*Contracts/ ancestral / Karmic Readings and Extraction- Re-Writing

*LeapFrog effect to access your past life power and gifts to bring them here in a good way.

*Clarity/ Healing/empowerment/increase your energy/ ease of creation